Huni blockchain was born out of love for companion animal

A beautiful companion with a companion animal

With its own animal identification technology, Huni Bio Identification Technology(HuniBIT) was established with the aim of creating an economic ecosystem that connects all services necessary for pets to live their entire lives by dataizing their identification information.

Huni blockchain was born out of love for companion animal.

The Huni blockchain aims to solve the companion animal problems and to build and operate the Huni ecosysetem

Why should be a Huni Platform?

  • Patent of Huni

    Vein recognition technology allows pets to be registered without side effects. (Four domestic patents, four overseas patents applied)

  • Huni ecosystem

    Every market participant is offered a monetary exchange of goods, rewards for access to a variety of services, and creates value that can be virtuous by drawing voluntary participation.

  • Way to market participation

    Each member can participate as follows: Customer - record the companion animal information, Hospital - record the Cure and Prescription of companion animal, Petshop - record the Purchase information

  • Energize the growing pet industry

    The Huni Life Center will benefit both the pet company and pet's family.

  • Solving the Organic Animal Problem with Huni Animal Registration

    Contribute to eliminating side effects of embedded chips and reducing organic animals

  • Lack of utilization of companion animal data

    Contributing to expanding pet registration rates and activating pet insurance

Experience of "Huni Platform"


    • Youngnam Kim

      Hunimal Blockchain H.K., CEO

      Operate pet business platform business Organization and infrastructure for Chinese pet business.

    • James Kim

      Hunimal Blockchain H.K., CEO

      James planned and developed Meta Framework, a source generation and deployment solution using application meta information. He has a professional career in ICT field for 28 years including public organization informatization planning and consulting, and is leading various projects related to blockchain technology.

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